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Armed Investigators
Firearms Training

Looking Out for You!


Armed Executive Protection

  • Our investigators have the ability to provide skilled, experienced, armed protection. 
  • Our Investigators are prior Law Enforcement or current Fire Department Officers
  • All Investigators have CCW privileges.
  • BSIS gun card certified, and insured.
  • Personal weapons wand scanner available.


Findings: We Ferret Facts from Fiction

  • Don't get buried in lies or fake news.  We will search for the truth so you can rest in peace!
  • We search out factual truths which help you to have a more accurate picture of your situation.
  • We offer complete background checks that include criminal and civil court history and DMV records. Forensic photography is available for accidents and lawsuits.
  • We can travel anywhere in the world that the investigative search requires. 


Just the "Facts"

  • We offer complete and discreet background investigations that will give you factual findings.
  • All the findings and evidence that we provide become your property. The Report is to be used at your discretion.
  • Our professional reports include all found data and sensitive information.

Investigation Services


Armed Protection Investigations

Let us look after you.  We will investigate any personal threats to your safety and provide you with armed plainclothes Investigators. We can scan people for weapons prior to entering your event.  We can provide nvestigations in San Francisco,  armed protection and background checks.

Background Investigations

Before you marry that someone special,  hire that child caregiver, or let a new housekeeper into your life, let us conduct a thorough background investigation  on them so you can be sure they are who they say they are and will not cause harm to your family.  Let us verify their qualifications and the information on their application.

Locate Someone

We specialize in locating missing persons.  Are you looking for that long lost friend or that ex-spouse who owes you support.  Let us help you find them.

Criminal & Civil Defense

We specialize in criminal defense investigations with over 15 years experience working for the San Mateo County Private Defender Panel (PDP). Investigator Blasier has 32 years experience working for criminal defenses clients including the O.J Simpson homicide case.  We also specialize in Civil litigation investigations. Have your attorney contact us to see how we can help you.

Fidelity Research

We have fidelity investigation specialists you can speak with regarding the personal issues that may be bothering you.  Let us sort through the lies and help you understand what is really going on.

Forensic & Documentary Photography

We have 45 years of commercial photographic experience. Let us document and preserve images of physical and other evidence for you or your attorney.

Experienced Investigators


Dave Oberhoffer, Chief Investigator

I have 30+ years of Law Enforcement experience including numerous plain-clothes detective duties, assignments to the Special Investigations Division as a Police Inspector, Commanding Officer: CSI Unit, ID/Records, and Special Events planning teams.  I am a Court recognized Expert Witness status in Police Proceduers and Investigative methodology.  I am retired as a Chief of Police and a Federal Inspector training inSafety and Security facilities reviews.  I have 20 years of Professional Photography experience and work in commercial and forensic imagery.  I am skilled in personal protection for Commercial, Political and Social clientele. 



Investigator Bud Massey

I have twenty-three years of experience working as a San Francisco Police Officer. My professional experience includes fourteen years working the highest crime areas of the city as a task force member, four years as a Background Investigator, two years as a Field Training Officer and three years working in the M.R.T. (Muni Response Team).  During this time I have also worked dignitary details for Presidents, Vice Presidents, Prime Ministers as well as dignitaries touring the City of San Francisco.  



Investigator Ken Cantamout

After a 20 year career as a police officer, I retired and began working as a Private Investigator. I have been a licensed Investigator for the past 23 years in California (PI 18002). I have a CCW, a State Gun Card and Guard Card. I am an Investigator on the San Mateo County Private Defender Panel (PDP) for criminal defense investigations. I have earned "medals of valor" from SFPD and continue my service to the community as a Private Investigator. 


Experienced Investigators


Paramedic / Investigator Matt Soewll

I have over 15 years of dedicated service to the Fire Department.  I currently hold the rank of Fire Captsin Paramedic.  I serve with compassion, leadership and the ability to handle myself in high pressure situations.  I am a dedicated Paramedic that has worked in high impact and high call volume areas.  I have received numerous accolades within the emergency services industry.  I have my CCW, State Gun Card and State Guard Card.  I look forward to working with you to solve your problems.



Investigator Charlotte Blasier

I am a Private Investigator, licensed for over 38-years. I have carried licenses in the States of Alaska, Nevada and California.  I excel working on missing persons cases, fraud, stalking, “love” con artists, sex slave trafficking, child pornography, and cults. I have safely recovered children from around the world.  I work with private citizens, law enforcement and as an agent of various law enforcement agencies.  I am a former El Dorado County Grand Juror. I am currently on the executive board of M.A.S.A (Mothers Against Sexual Abuse, International  1.secret.island@gmail.com

We will step through all the hoops for you!


  • Offices in:
    • San Francisco, California
    • Walnut Creek, California
    • Oakdale, California
    • Lincoln, California
  • We have additional support staff and resources that we use when needed to supplement our investigation activities.
  • We take all the necessary steps to complete the requested investigation.

Protection / Investigation Request:

Thank you for your inquiry! We will get back to you within 48 hours.

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